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Comets of Charles County Track & Field

Comets of Charles County Track & Field

Parent's Pledge

Our organization is committed to the principles of Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA).

In keeping with PCA’s ideal of the Double-Goal Coach® – who has a goal of winning and an even more-important goal of teaching life lessons through sports – I will be a Second-Goal Parent®, focused on the goal of using sports to teach life lessons, while leaving the goal of winning to players and coaches.

I will use positive encouragement to fill the Emotional Tanks of my children, their teammates, and coaches. I understand that, like the gas tank of a car, a full Emotional Tank can take people most anywhere.

I will reinforce the “ELM Tree of Mastery” with my child (E for Effort, L for Learning, M for bouncing back from Mistakes). Because I understand that a mastery approach will help my child succeed in sports and in life, I will:

• encourage my child to exert maximum Effort

• help my child Learn through sports

• urge my child to get past Mistakes by using a Mistake Ritual, such as a flushing motion, to trigger a reminder to flush the mistake and move on to the next play.

I will set an example for my child by Honoring the Game, respecting ROOTS (Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates, and Self). 

I will use a Self-Control Routine to avoid losing my composure if I grow frustrated. I will take a deep breath, turn away from the game to refocus, count backwards from 100 or use self-talk (“I need to be a role model. I can rise above this.”)

I will refrain from negative comments about my child’s coach in my child’s presence so that I do not negatively influence my child’s motivation and overall experience.

I will be as prompt as possible dropping my child off and picking my child up from practices and games.

I will engage in No-Directions Cheering, limiting my comments during the game to encouraging my child and other athletes.

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